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Property Extensions
We don’t need to tell you the advantages to having an extension on your home.
Extending your home or any building extension can radically improve a property. Bigger, better space and extra rooms can add value, and make a property more attractive to buyers.

Why enlarge the kitchen?

Enlarging a kitchen benefits the most both functionally and financially by increasing your home’s overall value.

Adding a kitchen/diner creates the farmhouse kitchen most people want and provides extra space.

The old dining room can become an office, playroom, or an extra sitting room.
Kitchen extensions also provide the opportunity to extend upwards where an additional bedroom can be built on top at the same time.

RC Construction kitchen installations and can be viewed in projects here

Loft Conversions are another great way to enlarge your home…

Unlike Property Extensions – the loft is often an untapped area of the home. Houses that pre-date the 1930’s are ideal for these because of their high roof pitches. Prices will vary depending on how many bedrooms are added and whether an en-suite bathroom is built. A loft room will also require less planning and building requirements than a bedroom – do the research and speak to chartered surveyors and architects.

RC Construction loft conversions can be viewed in projects here.

How do I up the value of my home without an extension?

Refurbishments can be a great way to add value and make your property more attractive to buyers as well as provide a more comfortable style of living that comes with modern building techniques and materials. If there isn’t a reason to expand, consider applying for a further advance on your mortgage and give the house a makeover. A new kitchen, bathroom and carpets will revive the property and increase its value at the same time.

RC Construction refurbishment projects can be viewed here.

Perhaps an en-suite bathroom?

RC Construction bathroom installations can be viewed here.

Good reasons to have an extension

Increased living space
Added Property Value
Kids won’t have to change schools
Change to the commute
Keeping your established circle of friends
Most importantly you are not dependent on selling your property and finding a new one that suits your needs – both within a time limit.
Less Financial Outlay – Costs involved in moving home:

  • Estate agency fees
  • Solicitors’ fees (search fees)
  • Stamp duty
  • Removals costs
  • Survey Fees
  • Cost of decorating
  • Cost of taking time off work to relocate
  • Overall it is estimated that the additional cost of moving from a £125,000 flat to a £250,000 house is likely to approximately £8,000.

Be strategic: Extra bathrooms and large kitchens are usually good investments in family-sized homes, and a garage in a busy, urban area will also add value.
Disruption to your everyday life will occur with either decision whether it’s moving house or having an extension built on your home.

As honest builders we want you to consider a few things about Property Extensions following our quote before we start work:

Each house will have a ceiling price, it’s a good idea to find out what this is (from a local estate agent) before you make your decision.
Consider the current value of your house and add on the building cost.
Then compare this to the maximum a house of that size is worth in the area you live.

So if you’ve decided you do want an extension then we can help…

From concept and design to planning permission and installation we provide a complete service.

If you decide to proceed our architects will draw up draft plans. Upon your approval the plans will be submitted to the Local Authority for building regulations approval and planning permission.

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